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We choose the appropriate candidate for that job

Recruitment & Selection

We choose the appropriate candidate for that job

At MacNel Consult Ltd, we strongly believe that human resource management is the essential function of organizations and as such, take this aspect of our service very seriously. Among the HR practices, recruitment is the basic function where employees are entry into the organizations. Recruitment is the process of searching prospective employees to apply for the job posted or advertised, while Selection is the process of choosing an appropriate candidate among the job applicants. Selection process starts after the completion of the recruitment process.

Recruitment is the first step then after selection and placement comes in the employment process. Our aim is to choose an appropriate candidate suitable for that particular job for our clients with respect to the following categories;

  • Permanent Staff
  • Temporary Staff
  • Contract Staff
  • Headhunting & Executive Search
  • Outsourcing

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MacNel Consult Ltd is the best consulting partner for individuals and companies that are committed to quickly achieving and sustaining their full potential. We help individuals and companies achieve this in a number of ways, working across the organization (integrated solutions) or within specific areas of performance (point solutions).

We provide solutions in the following major areas; Executive Training & Development, Management Consulting, Sales & Marketing and other business solutions / services.